Other Specialized Programs

Other Specialized Programs

Other Specialized Programs

PAC provides the following individualized and specialized services:

- Global higher education: contrastive analysis

- In-depth consultancy on higher education systems in leading countries

- Multiple countries application counseling

- Consultancy on financial strategies in accordance with different systems

- Consultancy on need-blind admissions to international students

- Honors scholarship counseling (types, application, essay, and interview)

- Consultancy on special programs/pathways (2+2, 3+2, dual degree, double major, transfer, foundation study, study abroad - U.S., foundation year, sandwich program, study abroad - U.K.)

- Consultancy on long-term post graduation pathway

- Specialized majors/program counseling

- Consultancy on maintaining performance and scholarship

- Aademic success counseling

- Mock interview and interview preparations

- Social and emotional counseling to students and families during the application process

- Consultancy on understanding ranks and rankings

- Best Fit College counseling

- Current student counseling and university/college representative counseling

- Summer school/program counseling

- Essay instruction to students and Letter of Recommendation counseling to teachers

- Consultancy on information filter and information analysis from the public sources

- Instituitional priorities counseling

- Free seminars and workshops on various related issues about college workFree and direct university/college counseling

- Free counseling on other trust worthy service providers (English training, test preparation, extra curricular organizer, life skills training, learning materials and resources, etc.)

- Free public counseling on current global higher education issues and challenges

To meet our clients’ diversified demands, PAC is willing to flexibly construct customized service programs according to students and families’ specific needs.


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