Individualized Program

Individualized Program

Individualized Program


This counseling package has two objectives: academic orientation and study planning. At this point, PAC consultants provide families and students with analysis of academic progress, academic skills and development of independent thinking, extra-curricula activities. This package does not give in-depth counsel of the student’s specific study program. Instead, based on the current academic program, it suggests necessary adjustment and supplement activities with a view to creating a solid foundation for working toward the goal of quality high school education and best fit university/college admission in a chosen country. This service package paves the first step of the college pathway and is a prerequisite before starting the university counseling package “PAC HONOR”.

2. BOARDING PROGRAM (Grades 8-9)

This package is for the preparation and buiding application to a boarding school in developed countries, including UK, Australia, USA, and Singapore. PAC will counsel parents and students in researching the high school system in a chosen country, list a number of targeted schools, and then help students to prepare their application. More importantly, PAC closely work with clients in researching and equipping parents and students with knowledge and understanding of the school’s education and boarding life. Based on such information, parents and students can make a well-informed decision of a best-fit and best-buy school, where students can achieve intellectual, psychological and physical developments in the most balanced way. Also, PAC offers in-depth counsel in a particular high school, a competitive application, pre-enrolment social knowledge and necessary skills, visa and legal issues related to the contract between the school and the family, academic and integration skills essential in a new environment, etc.

3. “PAC HONOR” PROGRAM (Grades 9-12)

This Honors Package aims at university selection and preparation of a strong and highly competitive application to get offers to a few highquality, prestigious universities with a scholarship or generous financial aid. The feasibility of these targets depends on the results of the student's academic performance and the family’s financial situation.

This package actually is a specific counseling strategy, which includes in-depth counseling services in the financial policy of a particular university to international students, consultancy in building an application for a financial aid or ahonor scholarship, advice on interviewing skills and the ability to advocate themselves in their own application


This package is for the students who was admitted to a high school or a university and has experienced through the first academic year.

PAC offers advice in making a study plan, course selection, and appropriate study methods with a view to getting high scores and keeping the scholarship/ financial aid.


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