Best-Fit Preparation

Best-Fit Preparation

Best-Fit Preparation

To those students who intend to study abroad, an early preparation in every aspect such as language proficiency, readiness, relevant academic and personal skills will ensure their confidence and activeness in an exciting yet challenging life abroad. Moreover, we believe that a comprehensive and early preparation will take them far forward and maintain a strong performance in their studies. The studies and practices during the preparation process with PAC form a solid foundation for them to develop academic skills and personal qualities, which are essential for higher education. 

This program is the most suitable with students at grades 8 and 9.

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Students take a comprehensive test to have their four language skills assessed. This service aims at a thorough analysis of their language abilities so students will know which skills need improving in order to facilitate their language development.

This program is suitable with students starting from Grade 6.


Career success has a huge impact on the life values of each individual. Therefore, a wise choice of career can be compared to a right choice for a way of life. However, such a big decision is often made by young people in a rather irrational way: either by following family career tradition, or as a matter of momentary interest, or simply by following a trend among peers.

To help advise parents and students to choose a best-fit discipline, PAC introduces a brand-new service, available in Vietnam for the first time: BEST-FIT CAREER ADVISING PROGRAM for students from Grade 9.

This program is composed of many steps, of which there are two main ones:

  • A CAREER TEST including over 200 questions to assess the qualities, capacities, and interests of a student, which has been transferred to PAC with copyright.

  • After taking a CAREER TEST, a student will have direct conversations with a PAC’s career advisor. Then the test results and conversations’ content will be analised and assessed by PAC’s experts before the final report is released.

PAC’s career advisors have acquired a Professional Career Advising Certificate from California University - USA. The Assessing Council comprises of independent educational consultants, who are members of International ACAC, IECA, and CIS.


To parents:

  • A well-evidenced overview of their child's abilities, interests, and aspirations.

  • A list of best-fit careers most suitable with the student’s abilities and interests.

  • Counseling on suitable methods to support the balanced and comprehensive development of the student.

  • Counseling on the trends of future labor market for investment in a best-buy education within the family’s budget and time.

To students:

  • An opportunity to take an honest look at their strengths and weeknesses and find out about their abilities and potentials.

  • Knowledge about careers most suitable with their abilities and interests at present.

  • Detailed information on suitable jobs with regard to factors such as salary, required skills, work environment, and a career pathway in the future.

  • Information presented in the final report as foundation for both parents and students to make the best decisions for their child’s future.

  • Career test as an important step and the foundation for the process of abroad study consultancy.

Mục tiêu tư vấn định hướng chọn nghề của PAC 


One of the parents' biggest concerns  is to choose a best-fit school for their children. However, they lack access to accurate information necessary for a sound decision. The information available on the websites of high schools or universities is often generic while parents are legitimately concerned about the academic and living environment at a new and far-away school. Is that school the best match with the family’s criteria? Will their child be comfortable while studying and living here? Or will they face with stress and tension because of “culture shock”? Will the student be well equipped with basic legal knowledge to ensure their best integration into a new environment? Are there any social problems that the student will possibly encounter and thus, need to be aware of in advance?

With years of experience and a team of professional educational consultants, as well as regular updates from the networks with International ACAC, IECA, CIS, etc., PAC offers you the service “COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL REVIEW”, which will give answers to the important questions above.

  • Our school review is the result of longitudinal research by global independent assessment experts.

  • Our school review focuses on one or more specific schools in one or more than one countries

  • The review is updated annually thanks to direct connections between PAC and various schools/ universities in the world.

The “COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL REVIEW provides parents with detailed insights of a chosen school on multiple aspects, from accommodation conditions, infrastructure, boarding area, transportation, and average living cost. It also covers other relevant matters such as: local culture, the school’s tradition, teaching quality, relationship between teaching staff and students, opportunities of internships and jobs, student service, training policies, scholarships available to international students, opprtunities of long-term residence, and local legal issues.

With our comprehensive review, we believe that your child will be fully prepared for a new school life as per your expectations.

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