Best-Fit Career

Best-Fit Career

Best-Fit Career


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Career success has a huge impact on the life values of each individual. Therefore, a wise choice of career can be compared to a right choice for a way of life. However, such a big decision is often made by young people in a rather irrational way: either by following family career tradition, or as a matter of momentary interest, or simply by following a trend among peers.

To help advise parents and students to choose a best-fit discipline, PAC introduces a brand-new service, available in Vietnam for the first time: BEST-FIT CAREER ADVISING PROGRAM for students from Grade 9.

This program is composed of many steps, of which there are two main ones:

A CAREER TEST including over 200 questions to assess the qualities, capacities, and interests of a student, which has been transferred to PAC with copyright.

After taking a CAREER TEST, a student will have direct conversations with a PAC’s career advisor. Then the test results and conversations’ content will be analised and assessed by PAC’s experts before the final report is released.

PAC’s career advisors have acquired a Professional Career Advising Certificate from California University - USA. The Assessing Council comprises of independent educational consultants, who are members of International ACAC, IECA, and CIS.


To parents:

  • A well-evidenced overview of their child's abilities, interests, and aspirations.

  • A list of best-fit careers most suitable with the student’s abilities and interests.

  • Counseling on suitable methods to support the balanced and comprehensive development of the student.

  • Counseling on the trends of future labor market for investment in a best-buy education within the family’s budget and time.

To students:

  • An opportunity to take an honest look at their strengths and weeknesses and find out about their abilities and potentials.

  • Knowledge about careers most suitable with their abilities and interests at present.

  • Detailed information on suitable jobs with regard to factors such as salary, required skills, work environment, and a career pathway in the future.

  • Information presented in the final report as foundation for both parents and students to make the best decisions for their child’s future.

  • Career test as an important step and the foundation for the process of abroad study consultancy.

Best-Fit Preparation


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