Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

PAC acknowledges the reality of Vietnamese students’ lack of information about higher education and its charateristics in various industrialized countries around the world. Parents also find it a challenge to gain access to quality career guidance and professional academic counseling. Without professional advice, it is difficult to make balanced plan that enables effective learning, extra-curriculum activities, community engagement, test preparations, and research on students' future choices. PAC Group, comprised of a team of consultants professionally trained in counseling, sees itself serve students and their families with a specific action plan and help take the burden of college admission preparations off their shoulders. 

PAC wishes to work closely with families and help students achieve the goal of getting admitted to a best fit school in leading countries for education. Their target of winning a scholarship may be high but is not impossible.

PAC’s professional consultant team is highly motivated to provide Vietnamese students with access to accurate information on higher education in developed countries. While working with you and for you, we see ourselves in the family’s position with the responsibility of the parents, and are committed to providing professional, accurate, and comprehensive consulting/counseling services.

In performing its mission, PAC ensures the principles and ethics of an independent educational consultant:


  • PAC’s consultants have all been professionally trained in high school and college counseling, of whom the majority have served as admission officers from various universities in the US and other countries. Therefore, PAC provides college counseling from the perspectives and approaches of those who have read and assessed students’ applications, as well as interviewed them.
  • PAC provides personalized consulting services to ensure best-fit college selection for each client, in absolute compliance with the terms of the agreement between them and PAC, and respects the client’s ultimate choice.



  • PAC’s consultants work directly with and visit dozens of universities and colleges each year to be updated with the latest changes to the higher education policies, and with each individual university/college. We therefore provide our clients with the very information universities and colleges wish to bring to students and families for the sake of their informed decisions.
  • Our consultants regularly conduct extensive and intensive research in the field of global higher education, and are willing to share important information related to the educational quality of each country, sector, and school with families and students.



  • PAC provides its consultancy services as an advocate for students and families, offering specific guidance and advice best suited to each client's circumstances, ensuring the achievement of the set goal. We also advise on best-buy education, including financial planning most beneficial to families and students.
  • We provide parallel consultancy services including but not limited to university systems, technical steps to prepare application and supporting documents, successful study skills, situational settlement if the family’s circumstances have changed or when students are psychologically challenged during the preparation process.
  • We first and foremost prioritize our clients' interests and take an unbiased approach to our consultancy services. We do not by any means influence or redirect the family and student’s choice, or intentionally steer them to a third party provider of academic training or test preparation. If requested, we will provide a list of suppliers of these services based on market research and assessments that are as objective and scientific as possible.


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