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Question answers

  • Who is PAC?

    PAC (Professional Academic Counseling Group) is a group of independent consultants with members of Independent Educational Consultant Association (IECA), working with students and families mainly in Asian countries such as China, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, etc. PAC started working with Vietnamese students since 2014.

  • Why is an independent consultant not an agent?

    Independent educational consultants do not promise or guarantee that students will get in a specific university. There is no guarantee that unversities and colleges will accept accept students from a study abroad agency or an independent educational consultant.

    Therefore they do not get you to sign the contract by all means. They pledge to work for the benefit of students and families, and ensure transparent and authentic information and college application procedures.

    They will terminate the contract if they see signs of fraudulence and dishonesty in the process of document preparation. They do not write essays or prepare the application for students, rather, they help students and families with an understanding of and strategies for the application process. In other words, they help students become experts of their own application.

    They do not levy any surcharges for completing the services agreed in the contract with their clients.

    They are entrusted and updated by universities and colleges with the latest admission information.

  • Who are independent consultants and why should I use them?

    Independent educational consultants are those who has professional training in the field of higher education and educational services, with a long history of work experience at universities/colleges or high schools to guide students on higher education and admissions policies of universities and colleges worldwide.

    They are members of internationally recognized organizations such as IECA (Independent Educational Consultant Association) and must adhere to strict regulations on professional ethics of independent educational consultants. They are not study abroad agents and do not work for or enjoy commission from any institutions, and comply to a transparent framework for charging their clients, as regulated by these associations. They serve as an important bridge between students and families, high schools and universities. They help students and families prepare the best application for their clients’ maximum benefit.



PAC Group - Con đường du học


Or call the Hotline: (+84)96 601 3663

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    PAC Center - 3rd Floor, The Golden Palm Tower 21 Le Van Luong, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi, Viet Nam.

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    Hotline: +84 96601 3663

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